Lube and orgasm fluids can help women regain youthful passion
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The use of masturbation products is nothing new, and it is not just men who have the need to masturbate, but women as well. Today’s women are more and more daring to face their sexual needs calmly, and there are more and more types of women’s masturbation products, such as vibrators, dildos, vibrating eggs, wearing vibrations, and so on.

So, what should women pay attention to when masturbating? Let me share with you women:

        1. Pay attention to hygiene issues
        If you use your hands, wash your hands and keep your nails too long to avoid infection. Don’t forget to remove the ring on your finger if you want to stick your finger inside.

        2. Pay attention to privacy and security
        It is best to find a private place, such as your own room, bathroom, etc., turn off your mobile phone and telephone, so as to avoid being disturbed or bumped into. People who are nervous and conservative by nature should pay special attention to avoid leaving a psychological shadow.

        3. Avoid intensive stimulation
        If female friends masturbate for a long time and often, it may promote the gradual enlargement of organs. Once they are rubbed by underwear or bicycle seat, they will be easily invaded by viruses, parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms, causing painful symptoms such as bleeding and ulceration. And then affect the happiness of sexual life, so we must be careful.

        4. Masturbation supplies cleaning
        When women use devices to please themselves, they must ensure that the devices are clean, and it is best to wrap them with condoms, which can not only play a role as a hygienic barrier, but also have a lubricating effect. Also, avoid foreign objects that have sharp corners, are fragile, or are easily left behind in the body.

        5. The dangers of female masturbation
        There are many adverse consequences, and the most common ones are easy to cause gynecological inflammation, such as urethritis, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, adnexitis, endometritis and inflammation of the fallopian tubes, which can cause difficulty in conception or infertility in severe cases, and also It is easy to cause irregular menstruation, and prolonged masturbation will also affect normal sexual life, resulting in low libido, and even lead to abnormal mental conditions, such as lethargy, general weakness, etc., which may also reduce the body’s immunity.

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