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Sex toys have traditionally been created not with sexual health in mind, but to support some of the unattainable ideals of men and women in adult films. So adding a toy to your bedroom can be pretty daunting for most people. We want to change that. That’s why one of our main guiding principles at Tracy’s Dog is to keep your sexual health in mind, including all the peculiarities of body anatomy and all kinds of physical challenges when making any toy.


We often see that sex education from school into later life misleads girls and boys about what they expect from their bodies and their partners. In addition to making toys that improve sex life, we also aim to educate our fan base about their bodies and what to expect when using toys. As with anything, the more you know about it, the more confident you will be in it, and the less scared or confused you will be when something different happens than expected.

In addition to innovation, we always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to help you be happy. We have enough things to worry about in our lives. Sex shouldn’t be one of them. We designed all of our toys to help you achieve a body-shaking, shaky orgasm. Like any good recipe, with balanced elements, we include body science on both a physical and mental level to help you orgasm.


Most of all, we value and set to achieve all around inclusivity in our toys’ design. We make toys for both men and women, for all body sizes and all ages. For those that want to go at it alone or in a couple. As well as beginners or pros. There shouldn’t be a reason to stop getting pleasure if you’ve reached menopause or if you’re on the heavier side, equally not to shy away from using a toy if you never have done it before, or more so, if you like things on the spicier or adventurous side. We all have agency over our lives, and there shouldn’t be any rules that state when and how to have sex. And most importantly, with whom.

Research on Sexual Science and Technology Innovation and Intelligence

Our team includes many bright engineers, both men and women, who are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation with the help of an endless supply of coffee, and the sex therapists on our team always help focus on the healthy side of things. The result is that every new toy innovation is designed to enhance your enjoyment, includes the latest technological developments, and uses modern body-safe materials, while never challenging your health, no matter how adventurous you want to be.