Ella Backyard Cleaner Anal Cleaner


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Designed for super effective and comfortable anal cleaning, no worries about backflow, easy to carry, easy to remove, and made of high-quality, low-maintenance materials. Dare we say it could be the perfect flusher?

Ella’s beautiful large silicone ball valve is attached to an expanding nozzle and features a special unidirectional flow vent of the same type. When the water (or your cleaning fluid of choice) leaves the tip of the piercing, it’s gone forever. Reliable far-reaching, sturdy nozzles for thorough cleaning.

To use, remove the nozzle, fill the ball and replace the nozzle securely. Once filled and ready to shake, squeeze the ball to release. Squeeze slowly for a gentle rinse, squeeze quickly for a stronger flow. You’ll see a vent down towards the bottom of the nozzle – don’t cover it, this will prevent water etc from re-entering.

The one-way valve makes it easy to clean the lotion foam with warm soapy water or a high-quality toy. If you will be using a lubricant in this rinse, choose a good water-based formula.


Length: 268*85*85mm
Material: Silicone
Power supply: none
Colour: Black
Weight: 128g
Special Features: Anal Rinse, Reuse

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